El repositorio de INDICASAT es creado con la finalidad de presentar de manera organizada nuestra gestión y producción científica generada por todos los miembros del INDICASAT AIP con la visión de aumentar dicha producción, contribuir a la creación de data científica del país de manera visible garantizando su preservación en el tiempo.

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  • Avian Mycobacteriosis in a Rescued Harpy Eagle from Darien Forest, Panama 

    Rengifo-Herrera, Claudia del Carmen; Reyes, Julio César; Magaña, Angie Marie; Acosta, Fermín; Ponder, Julia; Goodridge, Amador (2019-11-08)
    Background: The Harpy eagle (Harpia harpyia) is the largest raptor in the Neotropical region, distributed in low densities within primary forest habitats from southern Mexico to east-central Brazil, including Central America ...
  • Reduced Food Intake Among Tuberculosis Patients Within an Urban Setting in Panama (P10-023-19) 

    Cubilla, Idalina; Rios, Maritza; Batista, Victoria; Rosero, Sara; Sambrano, Dilcia; Castillo, Juan; Colon-Ramos, Uriyoan; Cleary, Sean D; Goodridge, Amador; Luque, Odemaris; de Simmons, Isolina; de Chavez, Ana; Cuadra, Yaracelys; Jurado, Julio; Gonzalez, Rolando; Williams, Victoria (2019-06-01)
    Objectives The aim of our study is to characterize the dietary factors and food items intake of people living with pulmonary tuberculosis in an urban and high disease incidence city in Panama. Methods We recruited 41 ...
  • Overweight, Obesity, and Older Age Favor Latent Tuberculosis Infection among Household Contacts in Low Tuberculosis-Incidence Settings within Panama 

    Cubilla-Batista, Idalina; Ruiz, Nadia; Sambrano, Dilcia; Castillo, Juan; de Quinzada, Markela O; Gasteluiturri, Begoña; Goodridge, Amador (2019-05-01)
    Latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI) remains the main source of new active tuberculosis (TB) cases worldwide. Household close contacts (HCCs) are at high risk of acquiring LTBI and subsequent development of TB. In this ...
  • Simplified Model to Survey Tuberculosis Transmission in Countries Without Systematic Molecular Epidemiology Programs 

    Domínguez, Juan; Acosta, Fermín; Pérez-Lago, Laura; Sambrano, Dilcia; Batista, Victoria; De La Guardia, Carolina; Abascal, Estefanía; Chiner-Oms, Álvaro; Comas, Iñaki; González, Prudencio; Bravo, Jaime; Del Cid, Pedro; Rosas, Samantha; Muñoz, Patricia; Goodridge, Amador; García de Viedma, Darío (2019-03-01)
    Systematic molecular/genomic epidemiology studies for tuberculosis surveillance cannot be implemented in many countries. We selected Panama as a model for an alternative strategy. Mycobacterial interspersed repetitive ...
  • Role of a2b1 integrins in mediating cell shape on microtextured titanium surfaces 

    Lai, Min; Hermann, Christopher D.; Cheng, Alice; Olivares-Navarrete, Rene; Gittens, Rolando A.; Bird, Meredith M.; Walker, Marcus; Cai, Ye; Cai, Kaiyong; Sandhage, Kenneth H.; Schwartz, Zvi; Boyan, Barbara D. (2014-05-07)
    Surface microroughness plays an important role in determining osteoblast behavior on titanium. Previous studies have shown that osteoblast differentiation on microtextured titanium substrates is dependent on alpha-2 beta-1 ...

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